The Bloody Century

A Two Volume Collection of Victorian American Murders
A murderous atmosphere pervaded nineteenth-century America unlike anything seen before or since. Lurid murder stories dominated newspaper headlines, and as if responding to the need for sensational copy, Americans everywhere began to see murder as a solution to their problems. The two volumes of The Bloody Century retell their stories; some still famous, some long buried, all endlessly fascinating.

The Bloody Century

The Bloody Century is a collection of 50 true stories of ordinary Americans driven by desperation, greed, jealousy, or an irrational bloodlust to take the life of someone around them. Read the stories behind America’s most famous murderers—Lizzie Borden, H.H. Holmes, The Bloody Benders, and many others, just as shocking.

The Bloody Century 2

The second volume of the Bloody Century presents 60 more true tales of murder. These sensational crimes present a fascinating journey through enforcement methods and legal procedures in the 19th century. Killers driven by Jealousy, Revenge, Insanity, and random violence are joined by remorseless serial killers. Most stories end with justice well served, while others remain forever unsolved.

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