The Bloody Century 2

More Tales of Murder in 19th Century America
Robert Wilhelm's long-awaited sequel to The Bloody Century takes the reader back to nineteenth-century America in all its gory glory. Nothing much has changed; people killed then as they do now for greed, jealousy, love and hate but this fascinating journey through the mindset of the century has much to tell us about detection methods and court decisions and has much that will surprise. The Bloody Century 2 is richly illustrated with graphic depictions of murderers and their crimes from nineteenth-century sources. The book draws on contemporary reporting with eye-popping headlines like 'Horror!' (from the Philadelphia Inquirer in 1866) and ‘Rum and the Knife’ (Illustrated Police News, 1877). Read in one gulp or savor it by dipping - The Bloody Century 2 - More Tales of Murder in 19th Century America is a book the reader will find hard to put down.
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