November 25, on this date in 1869...

34. The Richardson-McFarland Tragedy

On the afternoon of November 25, 1869 Daniel McFarland walked into the office of the New York Tribune and there shot and killed Albert Richardson, a Tribune editor. Richardson had planned to marry Daniel McFarland’s ex-wife, Abby. The facts of the murder were irrefutable, but the trial that followed focused instead on the behavior of Abby McFarland. Was her adultery an attack on the sanctity of marriage that drove Daniel McFarland to murderous insanity? Or had she been justified in leaving a drunken, abusive husband, running to the safety of another man’s arms?

Date: November 25, 1869
Location: New York, New York
Victim: Albert Richardson
Cause of Death: Gunshot
Accused: Daniel McFarland
The Murder of Albert Richardson
The Murder of Albert Richardson
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