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48. Bloody Woolfolk

In the early hours of August 6, 1887, nine members of the Woolfolk family of Bibb County, Georgia – ranging in age from 18 months to 84 years – were hacked to death in their home. The only surviving member of the household was 27-year-old Tom Woolfolk who quickly became the prime suspect. The press called him “Bloody Woolfolk” and it was all the sheriff could do to keep him out of the hands of a lynch mob. But when the trap sprung on Tom Woolfolk’s legal hanging, had the State of Georgia finished the work of the real killer?

Date: August 6, 1887
Location: Bibb County, Georgia
Victims: Temperance West, Annie Woolfolk, Charlie Woolfolk, Mattie Woolfolk, Pearl Woolfolk, R. Woolfolk, Richard Woolfolk, Rosebud Woolfolk
Cause of Death: Blows from an axe
Accused: Tom Woolfolk
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