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11. Found Drifting with the Tide

When the body of beautiful young Jennie Cramer was found on a sand bar in the ocean off West Haven Connecticut in August 1881 it was assumed that she had drowned, and possibly committed suicide. But there was no water in her lungs and a thorough examination of the body revealed that the cause of death had been arsenic poisoning. It was also revealed that she had lost her virginity within the last forty-eight hours, and not consensually—she had been violently raped. Suspicion fell immediately on Jimmy Malley, Jennie’s current beau and nephew of the richest man in New Haven. The problem for the prosecution, and everyone since, was determining what exactly happened in the last two days of Jennie Cramer’s life.

Date: August 6, 1881
Location: New Haven, Connecticut
Victim: Jennie Cramer
Cause of Death: Poisoning
Accused: Malley Malley
Finding the Body of Jennie Cramer
Finding the Body of Jennie Cramer
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